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March 31, 2013
Amazon Web Services SQS in Grails with Spring JMS

I recently needed a quick and simple queue implementation for a Grails project but didn't want the hassle of maintaining an extra application like ApacheMQ or RabbitMQ. Since this Grails project was already to be housed in Amazon EC2 I decided to pursue the use of AWS's SQS (Simple Queue Service). Although some Grails SQS […]

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June 28, 2011
Use Grails Services from PHP with PHP/Java Bridge

I was investigating the alternatives to exposing Grails services to PHP. Of course we could just expose the services at web services, but where's the fun in that.

I was interested in the PHP's Java connectivity, specifically through the PHP/Java Bridge.

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February 18, 2011
Ant Groovy target to create Hudson compatible PHPUnit XML report

While setting up a Hudson CI and deployment solution for some PHP projects I ran into a problem getting the PHPUnit reports to integrate properly into the builds. I kept getting the error: Recording test results None of the test reports contained any result It seems that the report XML that PHPunit creates with the […]

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September 29, 2010
Consolidating Cache Management in Zend Framework

Easily manage your Zend Framework cache configurations with the CacheManager application resource.

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